For the love of knitwear.

What inspires me to buy handmade is the fact that i can ensure, that love was put into

whatever it may be that i have bought. Recently i bought some hand dyed yarn from a WONDERFUL indie dyer to make

socks, and i wear my socks with pride, knowing HOW much love is in them.

Lindsay, 26, SAHM
North Carolina.
Thursday, July 10, 2008 12:51 pm

She is our Inspiration..

How can I look at the face of my wee spryte and not

use/make/buy/support handmade and natural products? Knowing that we are helping other families like ours- giving

smiles to other children like ours- and keeping the earth less polluted by supporting handmade goods is a simple

enough reason for us. When you buy something handmade it is a gift to yourself, your family, the family that made

it, and our earth. To me it is amazing to be able to give such a gift to so many people by purchasing something we

need anyway. We are on a very tight budget so we also have a need to have high quality, long lasting, efficeint

products for our family. Handmade items last us far longer than any mass produced item ever has. Plastic toy-

broke and in the landfill within a week or so. Wood blocks- 10 yrs later she is still playing with them and comes

up with new games/ideas for them every day. So which was more cost efficeint?

Lisa, Excecutive Research Associate of Child Development and Human Relations,
Thursday, July 10, 2008 11:46 am

Knowing where it came from..

My family buys handmade or homegrown because we like to know where our goods

come from and where the money is going. I love spending my hard earned money on something that I know was made

with heart. I love knowing that I'm supporting another small business, or that I may be helping to keep a Mom,

Dad or both at home.

Kickshaw Confections, Confectioner/Chocolatier,
Philly Burbs
Wednesday, July 9, 2008 2:04 pm

Head, Heart and Handmade

When my children were growing up we had

a family policy that most gifts were to either be handmade by them or someone "tangible". That person was often

me and we would spend time thinking up a wonderful gift that would be unique to the recipient.
I was also

brought up having a reverence for the handmade item. My mother reminds me that I once said "When I grow up I want

to make stuff and people will buy it". So now I put my head, heart and hands into all that I create.

Berrie, 45, Doll Maker,
Whidbey Island Wa
Monday, November 30, -0001 12:00 am

Inspired by Every Baby and Image I`ve Seen

Inspiration comes from all over. Your

children, all other children, and all that surrounds you.
I started sewing by hand at 4 when my mother started

to teach me to make Yo Yo`s. It was miraculous to me. From that moment my appreciation for all things handmade

I can not help myself in stopping at a fair and purchasing and googling over so many crafts.
It is

part of who I am now. Something I am passing down to my children.
This past fall my mom visited and started to

teach my daughter to crochet. I saved the first chain she made and a photo of the two working together. An image

forever ingrained in my memories. This of course lead me to scrap book. Now that is another story.


inspiration and the need to craft comes from all over, so when you purchase something handmade you are in turn

sharing in that inspiration and experience.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008 9:36 am

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