I am a cutie!

If people will remember things their moms, or grandmoms made

for them when they were kids, they will treasure handmade. Or even dads and granddads. It is great to carry on the

tradition. If you cannot make it yourself, let someone else do it. It is the idea of handmade, something someone

created on their own, that makes it so special.

Bobbinalong, 70, Seamstress, bobbinalong.etsy.com
Westerville, Ohio
Monday, July 7, 2008 10:52 am

I love handmade

I buy handmade because I want to support artists/crafters and

shift away from mass produced. I also like to create handmade, too!

Aunt Jane, 55, artist, auntjanecan.etsy.com/
Grand Junction, CO
Monday, July 7, 2008 10:40 am

Christmas in July?

I guess the inspiration to buy handmade grew out of the

inspiration to create handmade. You know how you grow up and never want to be like your parents, well I was a

little bit like that. Then I had children myself and I remembered everything that my parents gave and taught me

growing up. I remembered because I missed it. I was now in charge to give my children what I had learned to

appreciate so much. My favorite memory is the time before Christmas, where toys would disappear just to return

refurbished on Christmas Eve. The doll house had new wall paper that my father had done, the dolls had new knitted

or sewn clothing that my mother sat over late at night when everyone else was sleeping and each of their six

children had a new piece of clothing under the tree also. I remember when the younger siblings asked where Mom was

during that time we often got the answer from the older siblings "She is with Christkindl"

(Christkindl=Christchild). Later when we were a bit older we would lock ourselves into our rooms and be with

Christkindl ourselves and it was a wonderful feeling to create something with all of your heart for someone else.

One also would have to find a good hiding spot for all the wonderful presents and the anticipation to make others

happy would even grow more. That feeling is what inspires me, and it is what makes me buy handmade, because those

WAHMs and WAHDs create their wares with love and I can have a part of it. It was made for me :)

Annette Ringeisen, 42, Doll Maker and Fiber Artist, woolcreations.com
North Carolina
Monday, July 7, 2008 9:45 am

Melanie's handmade inspiration

Not only does buying handmade items

give me access to the most creative and unique items, but it allows me to help support other mom's like myself

who want to stay home with their children and help make ends meet financially. My first stop when I'm shopping

is Hyena Cart.
When I was a young mom struggling financially, I vowed that when I could, I would help other

mom's stay home with their kiddos in whatever way I could. I'm so happy to finally be in a position to do just


Melanie, Designer, knitter, all around fiber fiend., hyenacart.com/adorabubbleknits
North Dakota
Monday, July 7, 2008 9:18 am

Will Never Look Back...

What inspired me to begin with, to be perfectly

honest, was what I guess could be called vanity. I was sick of my child wearing what every other child had on

because the selection for boys has always been very doldrum. I started designing and sewing his clothing and

buying other handmade clothing for him. After my second son was born I decided to not only sew or him but to begin

selling what I made. I began doing very well on Ebay and then stumbled across Hyenacart and was in heaven! I had

always cloth diapered but never realized there were options and pretty ones at that! And the biggest bonus was

that they were not only fabulous to look at but were made by other moms! I bought diapers, moved onto wool, and

soaps and toys. I will never look back! Anything I need I check to see if I can find any work-at-home-mom (WAHM)

that makes it before even considering going to a retail store. The love and care that goes into most handmade

items is wonderful. My oldest son is now 13 and he was inspired by all the handmade items and began formulating

his own bath salts and selling them. My picture includes items I bought from others, his salts, and clothing I

made my kids.
I love knowing I am helping support another family when I buy handmade instead of a giant

faceless cooperation. I love knowing that someone's talents are being appreciated and valued in a way that no

mass produced item ever could be.
While my original inspiration was a bit of vanity, I am so grateful to be a

part of the WAHM made world.

Nikki, 35, Owner, Designer & Seamstress of Tadpoles & Butterflies and Kobieta Clothing, hyenacart.com/tadpolesnbutterflies
Sunday, July 6, 2008 11:44 am

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