Caty Ann's Creations

I have always been a crafter (off/on) and have tried

several crafts - sewing, crocheting, quilting, scrapbooking - but my passion is creating jewelry. Handmade items

are unique, created with love and superb quality. I buy a variety of handmade items including soaps, candles,

quilted items and , yes, even jewelry!

Cathy, Administrative Assistant by day; Jewelry Designer by night,
Bryan, OH
Friday, November 4, 2011 9:57 am

Quality/Endurance/Environmentally Safe-Secure


inspiration came from my daughter. She loves to try new and amazing things, as was the case with all style cloth

diapers (not like my day pins & plastic pants), but all-n-one, prefolds, inserts, etc.. you know the drill, Which

led her to Wool and a photograph. Which led her back to Mom, and asked me to make her a pair of wool longies from

the photo.I said these are knitted. I crochet so stiches will be vertical, not horizontal- Tha's OK.. So I gave

it a try from the picture, and I had the pleasure to make my first pair of woolie bums for my baby grandaughter.

That was over 4 years ago, and I have taken my crochet skills to above and beyond the level of squares/rectangles

to applique funny, crabby, even fishy faces on the bums of longies, soakers, skirties, shorties & more. This

endeavor has also put me in touch with some of the softest, silkiest wool I have ever pleasure to create from in

my life, and all great for the environment, babies bums and easy for Mom's, grams, even Dads. Let's not forget

Handmade** Homemade** Home is where we need to be Taking Care of Our Families-Loved Ones-And Our Planet..

Woolie Boolie Bums-Grammas' Handmade, 54, retired/disability,
Sunday, October 31, 2010 1:29 pm

Leaving a Legacy...

I buy, and create handmade because I want to leave a


I've had a rough childhood, and really just a rough life, but one of my happiest memories from

childhood are the handmade nightgowns that my father made us for christmas one year. I swore that I would hand

mine down to my children, and that I would make it a tradition to give my own family hand made christmas p.j.'s

every year when I was grown. I was 9 at the time.

I've always loved to create, and the beauty in handmade

items. My goal is to prove to my family that items do not have to be branded to be beautiful, functional, and

stylish. I hope that one day my family members who swear they will never own or use anything handmade, and that

think that if it's not branded then it must not be worth anything, will one day not only use items that I've

made, but proudly proclaim that they are handmade!

Ever since I've pondered having children, I've known

that in one way or another, I wanted to leave a legacy for be make a difference, and to be remembered.

I hope that my crafting can be part of this legacy. I hope that I will be the mother, and the grandmother that is

remembered as always creating beautiful items, and that is not only remebered because of the items left behind,

but by my own children, and hopefully even friends, that create because of me and remember me while doing so.

I buy handmade because I want the best for my children, and what could be better than something that was

created by hand with love in everything that went into it? I want to support other people and families who work

at home to support their families, like I do, in hopes that not only will they support me, but that it will be

like a virus, and more and more people will begin to be able to be truly happy, and get back to the things that

are most important in life. I dream of a world where we are never in need because we can make, or trade for

anything we don't have, and money is much less important. I know this is wishful thinking, but everytime I buy

handmade, I feel like we are a step closer. So that's why I buy, and make, handmade, and why you should consider

it too!

Kelley, WAHM behind The Cozy Cloth Corner, 24, WAHM, Licensced Daycare Provider, Premier Jeweler, and owner of The Cozy Cloth Corner on HC,
Wednesday, August 6, 2008 9:16 am

is it so wrong to want to make things with your own two hands?

having been an

artsy/craftsy type person my whole life, i am absolutely loving the "buy handmade" movement! in a world that is

full of corporate conglomerates and cookie cutter mass production, being in possession of something that was made

with love and care and true originality is worth more than it's price!

i started creating again after

going through a difficult time in my life... and i've not looked back since! i'm continually inspired by the

world now, especially when i see what other artisans are making! jewelry making has always been a dream of mine,

and it's lead me to explore other media as well. i've been able to donate my pieces to worthy causes, and may

be entering my first juried show this fall.

tapping into my creative side has totally changed my life. not

to mention my own personal style!!!!!

i am thrilled that handmade now has a solid presence! and i'm

even more thrilled to be a supporter!!!!

keep on creating! i know i will!

xoxox muffin

MuffinTopDesigns, 35, property management/mental health,
Monday, November 30, -0001 12:00 am

Handmade Items

I buy handmade items for the personal touch.

"Handmade With Love" what could say more.

Country Ivy, 29, Stay at home Mom / Crafter,
Monday, June 7, 2010 1:47 pm

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