I'm inspired by fun

I'm inspired to buy handmade and create handmade

items because it is so fun!
My kids love to get totally unique handcrafted gifts, whether made by me or by

another super-talented WAHM. I love being able to send off my handmade items for other kids to enjoy, whether

that's toys or clothing or winter hats, whatever!
Handmade items have a story, a personality, a deeper meaning

beyond merely acquiring "stuff".
By buying handmade we can extend our fun times from the playground to

diapering to bathtime and bedtime and beyond and support and enrich other WAHMs and families in the process.

Jessica, 29, SAHM/WAHM, hyenacart.com/crochetfuntime
Show Low, Arizona
Monday, July 7, 2008 3:57 pm