Reclaimed Tennis Balls

my new passion is finding ways to re-use or up-cycle discarded

and often forgotten about items. lately i've been focused on tennis balls. our local tennis club just throws

these little darlings away by the hundreds in the summer... in the winter, thankfully, they donate them to local

schools and after school programs for crafts and chair stoppers.

after having a child of my own, going

through 2 days of back labor before even being admitted to Labor/Delivery and then going thru 16 hours of hospital

labor, tennis balls were my major source of comfort. throw a couple in a sock and you have a back massager from

heaven! even after delivery i found fun new ways to use my little invention.

after being asked about my

little sock wonder from many friends and a few family members, i thought there had to be a better way than to buy

new socks and stuff them with used tennis balls. and "peanuts" were born!

i only use previously abused

tennis balls from the local indoor tennis club. re-claimed 100% wool yarn and remnant fabric that was destined for

the trash (never used) in all of the products. No two are alike and all are hand sewn and crocheted.

MeLisa, 28, SAHM,
Baltimore, MD
Monday, November 30, -0001 12:00 am