The Leading Thread

My introduction to the wonder of handmade was thru

my love of yarn. I. Love. Yarn. I'm pretty sure I need a support group for it, but the closest I could get was a

couple of stitch n'bitches at a local yarn shop, and a spinning class.
There was something about being handed

a big pile of in-the-grease roving, going thru the process of washing that, spinning it and ending up with this

beautiful skein of yarn in my hands that connected me instantly to something much deeper and primitive and primal.

I haven't put my spinning wheel down since.
My yarn addiction was furthered after finding sites like Etsy and

Hyena Cart and the colors of yarn that you would never find in JoAnn. I was hooked. It subsequently inspired me to

start dyeing my own yarn and rovings.
Along the way I picked up a sub-addiction. Sock knitting. Everyone on my

Christmas list is getting custom made hand knit socks. I've been hoarding sock yarn like it's going out of

Handmade inspires me because it dares you to take something ordinary and make it truly unique, truly

rare. And never is a a handmade item created without a tiny spark of the creator's soul in it.

Krystl Zirkler, 27, Full Time Yarn Ho and Child Wrangler Extrordinaire,
Gilbert, AZ
Tuesday, September 30, 2008 12:40 pm