I See My Grandmother's Hands in Mine

My first impulse is to say I am inspired by

my beautiful child, Rowan. But that is not entirely true. I am compelled by my child. I am inspired by my


I remember as a child that spending time with Grandma meant making something with our hands.

She taught me to knit. We collected the elderberries from the bush to make the pie. We collected acorns to make a

Thanksgiving centerpiece. We wove an octopus around a ball of tissue for a head, and braided his legs.

When I hold my young daughter's hands to guide the glue, or clap my hands for the pine cone masterpiece we have

made I see my grandmother's hands in mine.

The memories I cherish, the toys I pass on to my daughter, and

the skills in my hands, latent but now stretching to creative life... all are inspired by those hands which once

held mine, as now I hold Rowan's.

Handmade items are rooted. They have a history and they

collect stories. All of the items we make are rooted in these values and we strive to encourage wonder and simple


Lori C., beneaththerowantree.com
Ontario, Canada
Thursday, July 10, 2008 10:04 pm