Inspired by Every Baby and Image I`ve Seen

Inspiration comes from all over. Your

children, all other children, and all that surrounds you.
I started sewing by hand at 4 when my mother started

to teach me to make Yo Yo`s. It was miraculous to me. From that moment my appreciation for all things handmade

I can not help myself in stopping at a fair and purchasing and googling over so many crafts.
It is

part of who I am now. Something I am passing down to my children.
This past fall my mom visited and started to

teach my daughter to crochet. I saved the first chain she made and a photo of the two working together. An image

forever ingrained in my memories. This of course lead me to scrap book. Now that is another story.


inspiration and the need to craft comes from all over, so when you purchase something handmade you are in turn

sharing in that inspiration and experience.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008 9:36 am