Handmade has heart

Why do I buy handmade? There are so many reasons.

Handmade items have a heart and soul to them that you simply cannot get from a mass produced item. My children

love getting gifts and *knowing* who made them - they frequently call the items by their makers' names, such as

our Where's Waldorf doll named for its

creator, Rebecca, and all of our Count On It games

which are affectionately called simply "Lori games". I like knowing that the materials used in making the things

I buy are natural, will not have lead paint, etc. I also like knowing that my purchases support other women who

are staying home with their families or helping to support their families while doing something that truly

inspires them.

Bonnie, 33, Artisan/Owner, Holden's Landing, K&F Shops, Earth*School, www.holdenslanding.com
Monday, July 7, 2008 10:07 pm