Best for Baby

I started making handmade burp

cloths for my son before he was born. I jut couldn't find what I wanted out of burp cloths in the stores. I

like when things can show someones personality.

After making them for myself, I started making some for

friends and family and now I am selling to the public. My site is currently being set up on and I

also have a Facebook page for fans/orders. I have done postings on Etsy too!

You never know when you will

need a burp cloth and I would place them all over the house! They have actually helped to keep items nicer. Like

the swing, bouncer, play yard, etc. We would put a cloth behind their head and it would catch any spit up, which

we could easily change instead of washing the entire piece or take it apart! what a time, money, and sanity


Buying handmade is the best way to go! There is so much love put into every piece!

Clean Shoulders, 28, SAHM,!/pages/Portage- MI/Clean-Shoulders-Burp-Cloths/288332842629?ref=mf
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 2:06 pm