She is our Inspiration..

How can I look at the face of my wee spryte and not

use/make/buy/support handmade and natural products? Knowing that we are helping other families like ours- giving

smiles to other children like ours- and keeping the earth less polluted by supporting handmade goods is a simple

enough reason for us. When you buy something handmade it is a gift to yourself, your family, the family that made

it, and our earth. To me it is amazing to be able to give such a gift to so many people by purchasing something we

need anyway. We are on a very tight budget so we also have a need to have high quality, long lasting, efficeint

products for our family. Handmade items last us far longer than any mass produced item ever has. Plastic toy-

broke and in the landfill within a week or so. Wood blocks- 10 yrs later she is still playing with them and comes

up with new games/ideas for them every day. So which was more cost efficeint?

Lisa, Excecutive Research Associate of Child Development and Human Relations,
Thursday, July 10, 2008 11:46 am