Keeps mommy at home

When I was a kid my mom worked for herself and during the

summer we would take turns going to work with her. She was an artist, sign painter, window painter, muralist,

pretty much if it could be painted she painted it. For many years I watched her paint sitting on the sidewalk

handing her paintbrushes and paints when she asked for them. One summer when I was eight she handed me a brush and

let me fill in the lines, and by the time I was 12 I got to paint my first window on my own. I drew the design on

the window and painted the window with colorful tempera paints, it was from that moment I knew I was meant to be

an artist.

I tried window painting for a couple years but found that it was impossibly difficult to take

my kids with me. So then I looked to another craft taught to me by another artist in my family, my grandmother.

That craft was sewing. In this art form I found a way to stay home with my 6 children. No more working long hours

in the hot sun while someone else watched my children, I was free to work when I wanted and how I wanted. No more

getting fired from jobs because someone came down with the chicken pox! Talk about invigorating!


feeling of freedom lead me to commit my self to buying handmade products and to support the craftsmen and women

behind them. No more mass produced for us, every chance I get I buy handmade, because some one else is making that

same choice to buy from me and help keep me at home with my kids.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank

you to all of you that buy handmade and keep mommies like me home with our babies.

Namaste Mama ~ Stacee, Mommy,
Tuesday, July 8, 2008 1:24 am