Teach Your Children Well

While I've always supported the local vs. national when I

could, cloth diapering was a lead in to a whole new realm of shopping with *real people*. As I started purchasing

handmade items when my babies were born I was inspired to begin making them myself. "Handmaking" is contagious it

seems. Now it has become a lifestyle for us, and the lessons myself and my children are learning are timeless and

valuable. They know the time that goes into making an item, they understand the process. They learn that they

can be self sufficient, they don't need to go to a big department store for their clothes, toys and jewelry, we

can make them. If we don't know how to make something what do we do? Buy a book or pattern or buy from someone

we know who knows how to make the item. My children are learning that trading is still alive and well, you don't

necessarily have to have a dollar to get what you want. They are watching me learn to balance family vs. activity

and all of the intricacies of running a small business. As all of us artisans raise our children along side

building our handmade businesses, we are creating a culture of children who will value the handmade and have an

independent "can do" spirit - priceless lessons that I'm proud to contribute to by producing and purchasing


Nita, 37, Sewist, Hot Salad, hotsaladbynita.com
Rockford, IL
Friday, July 11, 2008 8:25 am