is it so wrong to want to make things with your own two hands?

having been an

artsy/craftsy type person my whole life, i am absolutely loving the "buy handmade" movement! in a world that is

full of corporate conglomerates and cookie cutter mass production, being in possession of something that was made

with love and care and true originality is worth more than it's price!

i started creating again after

going through a difficult time in my life... and i've not looked back since! i'm continually inspired by the

world now, especially when i see what other artisans are making! jewelry making has always been a dream of mine,

and it's lead me to explore other media as well. i've been able to donate my pieces to worthy causes, and may

be entering my first juried show this fall.

tapping into my creative side has totally changed my life. not

to mention my own personal style!!!!!

i am thrilled that handmade now has a solid presence! and i'm

even more thrilled to be a supporter!!!!

keep on creating! i know i will!

xoxox muffin

MuffinTopDesigns, 35, property management/mental health,
Monday, November 30, -0001 12:00 am