Will Never Look Back...

What inspired me to begin with, to be perfectly

honest, was what I guess could be called vanity. I was sick of my child wearing what every other child had on

because the selection for boys has always been very doldrum. I started designing and sewing his clothing and

buying other handmade clothing for him. After my second son was born I decided to not only sew or him but to begin

selling what I made. I began doing very well on Ebay and then stumbled across Hyenacart and was in heaven! I had

always cloth diapered but never realized there were options and pretty ones at that! And the biggest bonus was

that they were not only fabulous to look at but were made by other moms! I bought diapers, moved onto wool, and

soaps and toys. I will never look back! Anything I need I check to see if I can find any work-at-home-mom (WAHM)

that makes it before even considering going to a retail store. The love and care that goes into most handmade

items is wonderful. My oldest son is now 13 and he was inspired by all the handmade items and began formulating

his own bath salts and selling them. My picture includes items I bought from others, his salts, and clothing I

made my kids.
I love knowing I am helping support another family when I buy handmade instead of a giant

faceless cooperation. I love knowing that someone's talents are being appreciated and valued in a way that no

mass produced item ever could be.
While my original inspiration was a bit of vanity, I am so grateful to be a

part of the WAHM made world.

Nikki, 35, Owner, Designer & Seamstress of Tadpoles & Butterflies and Kobieta Clothing, hyenacart.com/tadpolesnbutterflies
Sunday, July 6, 2008 11:44 am