Comtemporary heirloom jewelry - where stones have style!

There nothing

like handmade, especially when itís made with love!
I come from a family that believed in hand-made: my

grandmother was a clothing designer, grandpa was a tailor, dad was a haberdasher, mom is a baker...and I am a

jewelry designer! As a child I was learned to support the artistís community. When I travel and when Iím home, I

visit art fairs, festivals, and galleries for inspiration. Wherever I can find exceptional pieces by extraordinary

designers, I try to take a bit of their inspiration home with me.
My favorite handmade piece is a recycled

penny parking meter; the head is original and the pedestal stand is a wonderful bright orange with duck feet as

the base. Iíve had it for over 15 years and itís still the best conversation piece I have ever owned. And the best

part? It still works!!!

Gina, jewelry designer,
Pasadena, CA
Tuesday, June 30, 2009 8:46 pm