Something that will really last...

Handmade items have always been a part of my life,

from the time I was born. One blanket was even lovingly handstitched by my mother just days before my birth.

That was nearly 22 years ago. I still have that blanket, and both of my children have been lovingly snuggled in

it, just as I was. Just as my 3 sisters after me were. Just as my future grandchildren will be.
How often

does a blanket you buy in a store get saved, and used for 3 generations of children? Not often, they're not

worth saving.
I have dozens of handmade blankets, dresses, sweaters, hats that were saved over the years. I

will use them, and then save them again. Handmade items are something that will last.

The above photo

features my daughter wearing a sweater that my great grandmother knit for one of my younger sisters, and a

Tadpoles n Butterflies t-shirt made just for her.

Mama Stone, 21, Artisan,
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Monday, October 6, 2008 4:51 pm