Why I buy handmade

I take great pride in my work and

it is so gratifying when someone else really appreciates my work.

I like doing the same for others too when

I see their hard work.
I make most of what I use, cook from scratch-grow my own organic

herbs/veggies/fruits/nuts/flowers-make homespa products-aromatherapy products-and almost everything my family and

friends need.

BUT, for those things I don't make or grow myself - I like to support other

craftsman/organic gardeners/organic beekeepers... and so I will buy their items rather than going to a store if at

all possible.

Diana, Owner/Designer - Diana's Vintage & Gift Shop where you can Experience Luxury - Naturally, organicgiftsbydiana.mybisi.com/
Hubbard, Ohio
Thursday, October 23, 2008 11:28 am