Christmas in July?

I guess the inspiration to buy handmade grew out of the

inspiration to create handmade. You know how you grow up and never want to be like your parents, well I was a

little bit like that. Then I had children myself and I remembered everything that my parents gave and taught me

growing up. I remembered because I missed it. I was now in charge to give my children what I had learned to

appreciate so much. My favorite memory is the time before Christmas, where toys would disappear just to return

refurbished on Christmas Eve. The doll house had new wall paper that my father had done, the dolls had new knitted

or sewn clothing that my mother sat over late at night when everyone else was sleeping and each of their six

children had a new piece of clothing under the tree also. I remember when the younger siblings asked where Mom was

during that time we often got the answer from the older siblings "She is with Christkindl"

(Christkindl=Christchild). Later when we were a bit older we would lock ourselves into our rooms and be with

Christkindl ourselves and it was a wonderful feeling to create something with all of your heart for someone else.

One also would have to find a good hiding spot for all the wonderful presents and the anticipation to make others

happy would even grow more. That feeling is what inspires me, and it is what makes me buy handmade, because those

WAHMs and WAHDs create their wares with love and I can have a part of it. It was made for me :)

Annette Ringeisen, 42, Doll Maker and Fiber Artist,
North Carolina
Monday, July 7, 2008 9:45 am