A Mother's Love

I have always loved crafting and sewing. I also realize

how time consuming it is to make something by hand. We are all so often in a rush and on a budget that we buy

things on sale or in bulk, not thinking twice about how those products got to be so cheap. While I was pregnant

with my daughter I started making things for her....a burp rag here, a mei tai there.....mainly because I wanted

to make something special for her. I loved the thought that she would be the only one with these exact items and

that they would last long enough for her to appreciate them later on, so I kept sewing and painting. It made me

realize that everything should have that kind of special meaning. I may not be able to make everything for her,

but I could find someone else out there to put as much time and love into making something for her. That is why I

buy handmade.

Annelyn Designs, 27, Teacher, annelyndesigns.etsy.com
Monday, December 20, 2010 12:13 am