No Batteries Required

Lead and choking hazards and toxic plastics . . . OH

MY! Shopping the mass produced toy aisles these days is a dangerous endeavor. Our family made the commitment to

buy as many handmade items as possible for our children's (and our own) safety. And not just toys: soaps, cloth

diapers and covers, jewelry, clothes, tea, pottery, make up . . . it feels good knowing what goes into the

handmade items we buy and what doesn't. We also believe it is important to support moms and dads who are staying

home with their own children, and who strive to create substantial, quality, lovely, useful works of art.

Selfishly we benefit from the best customer service available and shipping usually costs less than the gas we

would use to drive to a store. The ultimate hope is that someday our children will pass on their wooden toys and

playsilks and Waldorf dolls to their own children; instead of adding broken toys and batteries to a trash heap.

Julia, 35, WAHM, silk painter,
East Bay, CA
Thursday, July 10, 2008 11:20 pm