Passing on a tradition

What inspires me to buy and make handmade? I have a hard

time nailing down one thing. I guess I grew up in an environment that cherished handmade.

Growing up in a

small farming community we made as many of our own things as possible. Mass produced items were just not readily


When I started to make my own bath and body products I was inspired by my grandma. The

comforting scent of her "chamil-a-tea" that she used for just about everything. The way that I was brought up to

trust nature and what it could provide. My mom telling us 20 years ago that she thought plastics were bad for our

health. My grandpa making toys in the garage. The wonderful sweet taste of chokecherry jam and sryup, homemade

pickles, salsa, and pickled beets. I could go on and on.

But the biggest thing is I want my children to

experience these things. I want them to know that you can pick berries and make jam. That you can grow your food.

That you can sew beautiful clothes. That you can make lotion and soap that is good for your body and the


I have found that in almost every case things that are handmade are of a much higher

quaility then their mass produced counterpart. Not to mention that a handmade product gives back to you the love

and care the person put into making it. What more could you ask for.

EarthMuffin, 29, Work at home mom,
Tuesday, July 29, 2008 11:31 am