Handmade enriches your life

Growing up, we had more handmade than most and I came

to understand that it was better than mass-produced. Something handmade begins with an idea, then made one by one,

showing the unique individualism of the artisan. Each thing handmade is as original as the person who uses them,

who makes them. Sometimes the stories behind them are even more interesting than the item themselves. Over my

lifetime, I have learned many crafts & techniques. I have used these skills to enhance mine, my family, my

friends, and now..even people around the world lives. Out of necessity, I have made clothing, toys, and more for

my children. I am always proud to see them & others being one of a kynd, as unique and wonderful as they are.

Whether it is a bar of soap, a beautiful tie dye, a lovely piece of jewelry or even a jar of fresh jam...handmade

can & will enrich your life and become part of your heritage.

Rhonda ~lilgamoma~, 33, wahm & artisan, www.jtribecreations.com
Georgia, USA
Tuesday, July 8, 2008 12:26 pm