Transition from supporting WAHMs to becoming one

I started out buying

handmade because of cloth diapers. I knew I wanted to use cloth even before my first child was born. At that time

I thought there were only a few stores that sold diapers - boy was I wrong. I soon got introduced to the world of


I quickly moved from cloth diapers to buying clothes, toys and many other WAHM products! It is so

nice to get something handmade for your kids (and yourself!)and know that you are also supporting a family! I live

in a small rural area where there is really only one major place to buy clothes, toys, shoes. I LOVE having the

WAHM community to buy things for my kids that does not come from that retailer.

Of course there is the obsession of buying beautiful hand-dyed yarn to knit. There are so many creative wonderful dyers

out there I am always tempted by their beautiful colorways!

Since I need to support my yarn buying habit

(not to mention my fabric buying habit), I've turned my love of quilting into sewing knitting and crocheting

accessories for others. I love being a part of the WAHM community! It gives me another outlet for my creativity

and love of all things fabric and yarn!

Kathi, Mom/Archaeologist/Artist,
Tuesday, July 8, 2008 7:41 am