Melissa's handmade inspiration

My inspiration for buying and selling handmade

items was and is my son, Emerson. From the time we began trying to get pregnant till my son was born we had about

a year and a half to read every book we could find on natural childbirth and healthful living. When my son, 2

weeks past due, began to die in my womb and I swelled to 230 lbs - double my normal pre-pregnancy weight - our

dream of a homebirth ended in an emergency c-section which barely saved both of us. It was a very slow and painful

recovery for me - in fact at 21 months post partum I am not fully recovered. My son did great though and was a

fighter from the start! He kept me going on the days when I couldn't even get up to feed myself because of the

pain. Somehow he kept me going. As I had been stuck on the couch the last 11 weeks of my pregnancy, I was still

stuck on the couch for most of the first few months of his life. All I could do was love him, nurse him and hold

him. I eventually learned to crochet and then Tunisian crochet longies to go over his cloth diapers to have

something else I could do since I couldn't get up and around well. As I crocheted, I healed - both physically and

emotionally. It was a creative outlet that kept me at my best for him. I discovered Hyenacart as a place where I

could go to chat with other similar minded Mommas. I enjoyed buying and eventually selling items that were unique

and made with so much love. It means a lot to me to know that often my hard earned money also supports another

family's ability to be together as much as possible by having the chance to work from home. Hand made is home

made - and that is important!

Melissa, 35, WAHM,
North Texas
Tuesday, July 29, 2008 1:42 am